CONTENT4ALL at NAB 2020: running for the NAB 2020 Technology Innovation Award

Booth assigned to CONTENT4ALL before the NAB2020 event turned into an online and digital one (NAB Express)

We’re proud to announce that the CONTENT4ALL project is running for the NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020. The NAB Technology Innovation Award was first presented at the 2009 NAB Show award to organizations that bring advanced technology exhibits and demonstrations of significant merit to the NAB Show. Moreover, the nominated exhibit should present advanced research and development projects in communications technologies that have not yet been commercialized [1].

CONTENT4ALL was also supposed to exhibit the latest project advancements, including a live demo, at NAB 2020 Futures Park before the event turned into a fully online and digital one.

The award ceremony will take place during the BEITC Opening Presentation segment scheduled for May 13th between noon and 1:00 pm Eastern at the NAB Show Express event on the BEIT Channel. Stay tuned!

[1] NAB Technology Innovation Award webpage