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winner of the NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020

Making more content accessible to sign language communities using novel technologies and AI algorithms

Content4All in GERMAN signing
Content4All in ENGLISH signing
Content4All in FLEMISH signing


Content4All serving the deaf community

The Future is now, Content4All is closing the project phase and looking to continue to collaborate with the deaf communities in Europe and different media industries to make more content accessible!

Update, online survey now closed!

New online survey available! Updated, survey is closedWe have developed a new survey to test how well the information of a signed weather forecast (by a human signer) is transferred by the different technologies we are exploring in the project.We would like to ask you to take a few minutes in supporting our project by


@Content4All_prj @EBGB_BFEH_UFPD best practices !

"Content4All Open Research Sign Language Translation Datasets" by @ncihancamgoz, @BenMSaunders, Guillaume Rochette, Marco Giovanelli, Giacomo Inches, Robin Nachtrab-Ribback & Richard Bowden @Content4All_prj

Introducing MetaHumans—the next-generation of digital humans. #UE4

Animation and mocap-ready, #MetaHumans will be created by you, using the new easy-to-use MetaHuman Creator.

Get a sneak peak at this groundbreaking new tool:

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