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New online survey available!

New online survey available!We have developed a new survey to test how well the information of a signed weather forecast (by a human signer) is transferred by the different technologies…


Happy to keep the uses at the center of our studies on how to present content on the TV screen - our latest publications to that regard based on the surveys conducted: https://content4all-project.eu/publications/?tgid=&yr=&type=&usr=&auth=36#tppubs (insides on the surveys: https://content4all-project.eu/surveys/)

Have you seen our new DSGS http://c4all-dsgs.human-factors-consult.de/ and VGT https://c4all-vgt.human-factors-consult.de/ questionnaires?
We are aiming at testing how well the information of a signed weather forecast is transferred by the different technologies we are exploring. It takes minutes only to fill it!

Reading @jeremylbrunson (2018) and one interpreter’s quote about sign-to-spoken-language interpreting: “It really isn’t practice. It’s like landing a plane. You either do it, or you don’t. All you can do is hope that you do it well.” Now imagine you are the passenger every day.

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Welcome to the Content4All project!

The Content4All project aims to make more content accessible to the deaf community. Therefore, the consortium is developing the necessary technologies and algorithms to capture a sign interpreter in a remote studio, process it and render it via broadcast, by making use of a state-of-the-art photorealistic 3D human avatar. This will allow low-cost personalisation of content for deaf viewers, without causing disruption for hearing viewers. In addition to that, based on the captured and analysed data, the consortium will proof if the current technology is ready to achieve automatic sign-translation capabilities for a limited domain of discourse.