National Association of Broadcasters

winner of the NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020

Related projects

CONTENT4ALL is inserted into the “Accessibility cluster” of ICT-19 H2020 funded projects in the field of “Media and content convergence”, together with the following.


“The goal of Immersive Accessibility (ImAc), which has been funded by the EU in the frame of the H2020 programme, is to explore how accessibility services can be integrated with immersive media. It is not acceptable that accessibility is regarded as an afterthought: rather it should be considered throughout the design, production and delivery process. ImAc will explore new deployment methods for these services (Subtitles, Audio Description, Audio Subtitling, Sign Language) in immersive environments. We will move away from the constraints of the current technology, into a Hyper-Personalized environment where the consumer can fully customize the experience to meet his personal needs. For example, it may be more appropriate for subtitles to be read out-loud or the Audio Description presented as text. The key action in ImAc will be to ensure immersive experiences are inclusive across different languages, addressing the needs of those with hearing and low vision problems, learning difficulties and the aged. We also foresee these services consumed by a wider audience, for personal convenience, learning language and language therapy – accessible content can add significant value to these related areas.”

ImAc project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761974.


“EasyTV’s target is to foster wider availability of accessible media offerings to everybody and to provide equal access to audio-visual services for all users, especially for persons with various degrees of disabilities (focused to visual and hearing impaired). The project aims at developing media improved access services and making distribution of novel accessibility features with enhanced multimedia visual and sound experience more cost-efficient and yet more flexible to use, and also easier to use. EasyTV aims to innovate and kick-start the breakthrough of breaking the language barrier for all by developing technologies which can enhance the interaction and perform sign language translations towards an inclusive media interaction. The heart of EasyTV is an improved personalisation of the content experiencing and interaction, towards a hyper-personalised experience to all. To ensure proper impact, the project approach is designed to create an Information Society for all, towards a barrier free Europe for people with disabilities.”

EasyTV project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761999.