CONTENT4ALL at NAB 2020: winner for the NAB 2020 Technology Innovation Award!!!

Booth assigned to CONTENT4ALL before the NAB2020 event turned into an online and digital one (NAB Express)

We’re proud to announce that the CONTENT4ALL project won the NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020. The NAB Technology Innovation Award was first presented at the 2009 NAB Show award to organizations that bring advanced technology exhibits and demonstrations of significant merit to the NAB Show. Moreover, the nominated exhibit should present advanced research and development projects in communications technologies that have not yet been commercialized [1].

CONTENT4ALL was also supposed to exhibit the latest project advancements, including a live demo, at NAB 2020 Futures Park before the event turned into a fully online and digital one.

The award ceremony took place during the BEITC Opening Presentation segment scheduled on May 13th between noon and 1:00 pm Eastern at the NAB Show Express event on the BEIT Channel.

[1] NAB Technology Innovation Award webpage

Vertigo Starts artistic residency inspired by CONTENT4ALL presented: “Muted, a fall through silence” by Christophe Monchalin

Within the framework of the VERTIGO STARTS initiative of the European Commission, CONTENT4ALL hosted an artistic residency between 2019 and 2020.

Christophe Monchalin, the artist funded by Vertigo, found inspiration from the project technologies, in particular those of our partner Fraunhofer HHI, to realize its artwork exploring the topics of abandonment through different angles – infinite ones in his virtual reality artistic installation.

MUTED is the name of the artistic installation and was finally presented at the CENTQUATRE – PARIS on Saturday, Feb. 29th and Sunday, Mar. 1st during the Vertigo Starts Residencies Day.

MUTED can we visited here: and a “Making of” video is also available online.

Content4All at IBC, FutureZone in the Media Accessibility booth together with other Horizon2020 projects: ImAc and EasyTV

For the first time a joined effort from three European ‘Horizon2020’ projects collaborated in a booth in the Future Zone of IBC showing their research and development products and services targeting ‘Media Accessibility’.

Dive into the exciting European “Horizon2020” collaborative projects, researching and developing products and services targeting media accessibility:  Content4All:  AI and photorealistic 3D virtual humans for helping broadcaster in generating signed content… ImAc: new deployment methods for Subtitles, Audio Description, Audio Subtitling, Sign Language in immersive environment … EasyTV: media-improved access services for distribution of novel accessibility features …

Media Accessibility Booth at IBC 2019

CONTENT4ALL co-organized the workshop “Responsible research and innovation: Participatory, Inclusive and Accessible Media” at NEM Summit 2019

Responsible research and innovation (RRI) is an approach that anticipates and assesses potential implications and societal expectations with regard to research and innovation, with the aim to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation. As it grows in importance in H2020 calls addressing societal challenges, RRI approaches are likely to become a decisive aspect in Horizon Europe where industrial competitiveness is tightly interweaved to global challenges.
While media technologies contribute to shaping the world and have an extraordinary impact in the quality of democracy and in social cohesion, the notion of responsible media, and its implications throughout the R&D workflow from production to delivery, are often overlooked. This causes tensions with regulatory frameworks and lift barriers for market uptake and user acceptance.

Directives such as the refit of Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and accessible web should find EU media industry ready and should be seen as an opportunity to turn what up to now was considered expensive and problematic into normalized and profitable services. Similarly, in order to grow competitive in a responsible way, media technologies ought to ensure social inclusiveness, representativeness and acceptability.

The keynotes and panel gave an overview of the RRI applied to media and content technologies. They looked into methods for levering collective creativity and intelligence through participatory design and social innovation approaches. Moreover, they analyzed the latest EU funded research on accessibility technologies for interaction to content, as required by the AVMSD directive, in all formats and looking at alternative working scenarios such as crowdsourcing, or remote for social, sustainable and inclusive society.

This was the agenda of the event

PROVENANCE: an Intermediary-free solution enabling citizens to evaluate online content, Angel Sola (Fundación Cibervoluntarios)
Participatory design for responsible media and interactive technologies, Patricia Castillo (Eurecat)
Accessibility and Media: Towards an European platform for inclusive media (Accessibility Cluster: ImAc, EasyTV, Content4All, SIGN-HUB), Giacomo Inches (Fincons Group)
A curriculum for practitioner and professional creators of audiovisual accessible content, Rocio Bernabe (SDI München)

Roundtable discussion with the session speakers, Mario Montagud (i2Cat), and Federico Álvarez (UPM)

Session Chairs: Patricia Castillo (Eurecat) and Giacomo Inches (Fincons Group);

Moderator: Andrea Nicolai (T6 Ecosystems)