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winner of the NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020

Celebrating the International Day of Sign Languages

We are celebrating the International Day of Sign Languages sharing with you the promotional video (click to view) created to describe the technologies employed in the project at the NAB 2020 event. You can find the whole script here below.

CONTENT4ALL is a European Commission co-founded R&D project with the objective of developing a sustainable and affordable solution that enables broadcasters to provide accessible content to the deaf community.

Thanks to CONTENT4ALL, broadcasters will be able to make additional content available in sign language, thus reaching a broader audience, reducing production costs and meeting regulatory requirements. The project also empowers the deaf community to consume content without barriers in a format that truly responds to their needs. To achieve this, the project implements a remote live workflow that provides live signing with a 3D, virtual human being.

The two technologies in trial are Kinect and Regression. Kinect was chosen for its skeletal sensor-based movement detection capabilities, while Regression is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms for video-based understanding and movement recognition.

The embedded video demonstrates sign language reproduction of a weather forecast in Switzerland via the two technologies.

As we continue to investigate new solutions, the team is also working on algorithms and technologies to explore automatic sign generation starting from subtitles to deliver even greater inclusivity.

Stay tuned, and keep visit our website.

International Sign Interpretation provided by Overseasinterpreting