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New online surveys available! Update surveys are now closed.
Survey results will be published soon!

We have developed two new surveys to test how well the information of a signed weather forecast (by a human signer) is transferred by the different technologies we are exploring in the project.

We would like to ask you to take a few minutes in supporting our project by completing the survey. This just takes about 20 minutes. The questionnaire is available in VGT/Dutch and DSGS/German.

Please click on this link to view the questionnaire:
– VGT/Dutch:
– DSGS/German:

Survey is now closed, read further for survey results.

Thank you for your interest and participation. We have finished the data collection. The survey is now complete and the questionnaire is no longer available.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse und Ihre Teilnahme an unserer Umfrage! Wir haben die Datenerhebung nun beendet. Die Befragung ist damit abgeschlossen und der Fragebogen ist nicht mehr verfügbar.

We have developed a new questionnaire to test how well an automated sign language translation works and how we can improve it. For this we have chosen a hopefully exciting way of presentation. The questionnaire is available in DGS/German. Please click on this link to view the questionnaire:

Wir haben einen neuen Fragebogen entwickelt, um zu testen, wie gut eine automatisierte Übersetzung in Gebärdensprache funktioniert und wie wir sie verbessern können. Dafür haben wir eine hoffentlich spannende Art der Präsentation gewählt. Der Fragebogen ist in DGS/Deutsch verfügbar. Bitte nutzen Sie diesen Link, um an der Umfrage teilzunehmen:

Survey Results

2020 Survey on potential users’ preference for TV picture/interface layout design involving avatars

Due to the fact that Content4All aims to develop a technical solution to enable more television content that can be offered to deaf viewers in sign language, an online survey was conducted between mid-January and end-March 2020. The survey aimed to define the look of a TV display, in which a virtual sign-language interpreter translates spoken language into sign language.

For this purpose, the survey asked deaf TV viewers what they want from such a system.  We started with general questions such as age and language. After that, we showed some TV displays and asked how much people liked them. At the end of the questionnaire, participants could assemble their own TV display in the way they preferred it.

The results of the online survey are currently under evaluation and they will be communicated soon. Meanwhile, we thank all the 213 respondents (out of approx. 1000 visits) for their time in going through all our 4 survey sections: (1) Demographic data, (2) Rating task, (3) Open questions, (4) Puzzle task.

The 159 deaf, 23 hard of hearing and 26 hearing respondents (family, friends, teachers or interpreters of deaf; students of sign languages) participated* in the survey could access the survey in 5 sign and 4 spoken languages:
– German Sign Language DGS (Deutsche Gebärdensprache) & Spoken German,
– Swiss German Sign Language DSGS (Deutschschweizer Gebärdensprache) & Spoken German,
– French Sign Language LSF (Langue des Signes Française) & Spoken French,
– Flemish Sign Language VGT (Vlaamse Gebarentaal) & Spoken Dutch,
– British Sign Language BSL & Spoken English.

When it comes to languages, 143 of deaf respondents indicated sign language as their native language (DGS, DSGS, LSF, VGT, BSL or other) of which 116 indicated to be familiar with two or more languages.

*) 5 respondents did not share information to be classified deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing.

IBC 2019 Broadcaster and Media Industry Survey

A short survey was conducted at IBC 2019 to collect feedback from Broadcasters and other Media Industry representatives. The aim of the survey was to gather information on current accessibility practices offered by the respondents’ organisation and feedback of broadcasters’ and other stakeholders’ satisfaction with respect to CONTENT4ALL system. Before completing the survey, the respondents were shown a demo of the CONTENT4ALL system.

The stakeholder survey conducted at IBC involved 39 participants (out of 350+ booth visitors), of which 20 belonged to the public sector while 19 to the private sector, the majority of which located in Europe. 62% of the participants represented a Broadcaster organization and the rest 38% came from a Media Industry organization.

We can summarize our findings into two major categories:

Current accessibility services offered:
55% of the responding broadcasters currently do not offer any accessibility services 65% revealed, that they are planning to expand accessibility services especially for deaf consumers.

Satisfaction with CONTENT4ALL system as perceived from the video:
88% of the Broadcasters perceived C4A to be convincing as a new innovative
solution for sign language translation/sign TV and 75% claimed of them that C4A could be a useful supplement to their current service.
64% of the Media Industry members believed C4A to be a convincing innovative
solution and 86% that it would be a useful supplement.

These results are consistent with a similar survey conducted by EBU (European Broadcasting Union) among Public Service Media organizations whose summary was presented during the workshop Future of Accessible Audiovisual media services, TV and video programming at Accessible Europe: ICT 4 ALL event, co-organised by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and European Commission (EC) in December 2019 in Saint Julian’s, Malta.